Contemporary art day 6-Responses conclusion

Today, I finally finished my 12 responses. The first one I did was a screen-print responses to a film exhibit from one of the students in my year group. It is a screen print of my smile, repeated several times on a sheet of A3.

The technician set the print screen up for me, though I done this two-times now. Still, it’s always useful to be reminded how certain things work from time to time.

IMG_3474Photocopies of my smiles about to be put onto the silkscreen.

Once I was set up. I produced my first print:

IMG_3477It came out very well, so I didn’t have to go over it again.

Unfortunately, I wanted to do the next one in a hurry and got angry. I decided to leave the screen printing for later, and went back tot he classroom to work on my next response: one made from clay.

Originally, I wanted to produce a mound and plaster it, similar to Joe’s exhibition piece. But, after molding for a few minutes, it started to look like a skull without a jaw. So, I decided to mold a skull, using a blue spade to carve out the eyes. Then, I carved out a mouth for my mold, and now It resembles the “Scream”. I wanted to make a plaster cast, but I would need to split it in half, because the plaster would seep into the eye sockets and they residue would stick out. I decided not to plaster cast my head and leave it as it is.IMG_3479

Later, I went back to my screen printing and did multiple prints. I decided to just go mad and make as many prints as possible. it’s just a response after all, so I don’t necessarily have to expand it if i don’t want to.

IMG_3480 IMG_3482 IMG_3484From my second print, I kept adding more and more, eventually overlapping and filling the page with smiles.

For my last response, I based it on the paintings of Franz West. First, I cut out an image of an old, distinguished gentleman, painted a grey background into my sketchbook and stuck the image on top. I wanted it to look like an old portrait, so I painted golden tinted paint around the background, giving it the appearance of a picture frame. Unfortunately, I tore the picture slightly, but I doubt anyone will notice now that it is stuck down.


All of my responses are great! It was hard and frustrating, but I didn’t stop and kept going. If I had to pick the best one, it would be the multiple screen prints,as it shows more variety and blend of colours and tone.

After crit tomorrow, I hope to expand and improve on at least 3 of my 12 responses and make them into final outcomes before Christmas.


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