Weekend work

During the weekend, I have continued my contemporary art work, producing 3 new responses and reflecting in my new journal. Yesterday, I covered all the work we did during the week, and will write down a quick reflection of what I’ve done this weekend later today.

As I mentioned earlier, I continued my responses for at-least 3 artists: Chalk for Mike Kelley, Pastel for Jonathan Meese and Collage for William Cobbing. For the collage, I used one leaflet, one domino ad and an Empire magazine I bought in Sainsbury’s. Yesterday, I sent a picture of myself to my e-mail address, inserted it onto a word document and printed it out in the library. Once I got back to my room, I stuck my picture into my sketchbook and stuck the images from the leaflets and magazine all over it. During this, I realized that the image was not big enough and I had to s=use smaller imagery. I hope to expand and improve upon this piece in the future.

My second response is base don the drawings of late American artist, Mike Kelley. Using chalk, I drew several black circles, as well as imagery based on my past artwork (University and Collage). It has a nice use of tone and space, though it does leave marks on the opposite page.

For my final response, I used pastels to create an image, similar to the paintings of Jonathan Meese. His art is wild and out of control, just like how I want my art to be, but I keep thinking small and never go bigger. I need to change that. The imagery Jonathan uses are heavy based on religion and human nature. My response is based on my final outcome from Abingdon and Witney collage. It has a great blend of colours and tones, and my use of composition is used well.

Overall, this was a productive weekend, as I am nearing closer towards finishing this task come next week.

IMG_3464Response to William Cobbing

IMG_3468Response to Mike Kelley

IMG_3467Response to Jonathan Meese


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