Contemporary art day 5-Responses advancement

Today, it was all about moving forward with my responses work. I was determined to make progress today, and I did. First, I went outside to do my response to Jocelyn’s exhibition piece: an assemblage of leaves in the forms of an arrow and the word “exit”.

IMG_3446 IMG_3444As you can see, the weather proved to be a factor in how I arranged the leaves, but with Kate’s help, I managed to arranged just the way I wanted. I like how it came out, as I am pointing “weary” souls to the exit and to “freedom”.

Once I was back in the classroom, I began work on my next response: a drawing response to the work of Dryden Goodwin. At first, I drew a sketch of my mask collage in my sketchbook, but later I remembered that Goodwin drew directly on the picture. I did the same to my collage, drawing streaks of lines all over my collage, from lips to nose.

IMG_3451It is a little hard to see, because of the light, but if you look a little closer, you can see the pencil lines all over the collage. I really enjoyed doing this, and I hope to expand on this in the future.

I felt great, I had so much momentum and energy, and I didn’t want to stop. However, I had to leave to order my equipment for my laptop. I also had a talk with Fiona about my behavior. It was a well needed talk and I will take it to heart.

During lunch, I made a start on my artist research on Dryden Goodwin, the first of 8 artist research for my contemporary art project.

After lunch, I tried to start my screen-printing response to the work of one of my fine art students (an edited video with close-ups of people’s eyes). However, I needed to photocopy the images from my sketchbook and then have the technician put them on a screen print. But, the technician wasn’t in, so i will have to wait until next week. I also thought about doing my plaster response to the exhibit of Joe or either mask plaster mask response to Philippe’s exhibition work. However, I never got round to it. I wanted to, but I was hesitant and decided to save it for next week. I decided to do a response to Ur Fischer’s painted artwork.

IMG_3454Since Fischer’s paintings involves pictures of film stars and their faces covered by a variety of objects (plants, food and industrial materials). SO, I  printed out a picture of one of my favorite movie stars (guess which one) and painted an image of my hand cream bottle over it. During this, I realized that my brushes need to be replaced soon. I know Ur’s uses silk-screen painting in conjunction with painting, but since I didn’t want to do any screen printing just yet, I just used acrylic.

The momentum I had during the morning was quickly waning and feeling tired, I decided to stop for today. At-least I made progress with my response work, and I plan to continue it during the weekend.


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