Contemporary Art day 4-Drawing and beyond

Today, I started my drawing project, but did very little drawing. For the next 23 weeks, I will be refining and pushing my drawing skills to the next level, forced to think outside the box and get really innovative and original. It was a lot to take in, but as the weeks go by, I should become more and more comfortable with what I have to do.

For my first task for this brief,i had to cut out all the images I printed off, and tape them together to form a 3-D shape. Te shape must be similar to the object I used for this brief (my mask). I hate 3-D, but I understand that the tutors are only trying to push me, so I tried. My first attempt was good, but it was 2-D, not 3-D

IMG_3430Using the prick-stick I bought on Tuesday, I stuck several of my pictures onto this wall, in a shape very similar to my mask.

I tried to make a 3-D version afterwards, but I didn’t get very far.

IMG_3433Using the celetape, I stuck these two pictures together, but as you can see, the results are not very promising. Hopefully, I will add more to it and build it up in size and shape. So far, so good.

We were given an early lunch, and had to meet in Y19, next door to the lecture theater. For the next hour and half, our teacher gave a lecture and presentation in Historical and Theoretical themes in contemporary art. For the next several months, I must produce an extensive presentation that explores the relationship between cultural forms and their wider historical contexts.Primarily, it will be on Modernism, its meaning and place in contemporary art. I must also produce artwork that relates to my presentation, from concept to realization.

After the presentation, I have to write/type a 2500 essay on Modernism and it’s differing interpretations throughout the years. I must also produce 3 reviews on a current exhibition, project or event that strongly relates to Modernism. and it importance to contemporary art, and select at least one review for a 5-minute presentation.

I don’t think I can handle this.

Anyway, after that long chat, our tutor broke us up into 6 groups of five, gave us each an image of a piece of early modernist artwork and told us to research it in the library. We had to look up how it was made, when it was made, it’s relevance and what was used to make it, as well as provide out own observations. My group (including Courtney and Angus) went to the library to do research on our artist, Vladimir Tatlin and his 1915 piece, Counter Relief. We looked into how it was made, the materials used (metal, glass, wood and rope suspended), and Tatlin’s background and artistic influences.

Once we had enough information, we went back to the classroom and waited to be called up.

IMG_3435 IMG_3434Left: Our presentation on Tatlin’s Counter Relief. Right: The third group’s presentation on Bocciioni’s Continuity in space, 1912.

This was a long day. Tomorrow, I hope to continue my responses from Monday and order my IT equipment. Hopefully, I will be able to finish ALL this new work by next year.


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