Contemporary Art day 2-Equipment and mask

Today. I plan on finishing my evaluation and my notes on the possible connections between my exhibition piece and the other students. but first, I had to buy various pieces of equipment for an upcoming drawing project this Thursday. I have to bring in one 3-D object, take 20 pictures of it from various angles and print them all out on 20, separate sheets of A4 paper. I also had to buy 3 wide rolls of tape (clear and sticky, black and shiny and brown), a prick stick and 3x A1 sheets of white card, a ruler or measuring tape and pair of scissors.

First thing I did was take the 20 pictures of my object with my phone. The object I wanted to use at first were my headphones, but I thought about more and decided to use my mask instead. The reason for the change is because my mask has more dimensions and sides to it, and I prefer drawing something with a face. Later on, I took out some money and bought all of the drawing equipment from the student art shop and in town. During my search in town, Kate showed me two rolls of clear tape that were bigger and wider than the roll of tape of initially bought from the art shop, so I bought them and returned the smaller roll of celetape.

I would later print out 9 out of the 20 pictures of my mask that I took. I tried to print out the rest, but I seems to have reached my limit. I will have to buy more tomorrow.

Later today, I also had a talk with one of my unit tutors, Andrea and we discussed my initial ideas for my 12 responses to the critique exhibition, other students work and the presentation we were given last week.

So far, I only have a few ideas for responses right now:

A painted response to the work of Mark Rothko

A Drawn response to Dryden Goodwin

A mask response to Philip’s head hunter mask

A plaster response to Joe’s plaster mound

And a response to my own work.

I also initially started to draw a sketches of my smile. I plan to Blow up an image of myself smiling and surround it with smaller screen-print versions of it. I’ve only done 3 thus far.

5 so far, hopefully I will think of more tomorrow and the rest of the week.


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