Contemporary Art-Introduction

Today, we got a lengthy introduction to our year-long project brief, Introduction to Contemporary Art with Specialist Options. For the next 24 weeks, I have to explore 4 key areas of art practice: Context, Concept, Process and Realization. I will have to take part in several workshops and discussions in many different areas and fields. I will also receive further introductions to more aspects of the course, including studio practice, research, peer learning and reflection and critique.

For my first task, I need to write an evaluation on my exhibition piece. I need visual documentation (images of my exhibition being developed and the finished outcome), written analysis and research into contemporary practices that relate to the materials and methods I used for my exhibition. This must all connect to context, concept, process and realization.

I must pick a subject that will be my primary focus, and produce at-least 15-20 test pieces and attend specialist workshops to help me develop/further the skills I need to progress with my work. I must also conduct further research and reflection during the development of these test pieces, before moving onto the final outcomes. I must continue to reference the relationship between context, concept, process and realization.

By January, I need to have produced at-least 3 finished pieces. They must all show progression of the work I have started since September. Finally, I must produce I presentation and show it to my peers and tutors at the end.

For the rest of the day, we had to write down my reflection on my exhibition in my journal, as well as notes on at least 4-5 other students work. However, I took a while to finish my evaluation, so Kate took notes on the work of the others. Our tutor and unit leader, Amanda Couch, showed pictures of everyone’s artwork, and we each had to briefly talk about our pieces. After that, she showed us contemporary artists who have used similar methods and styles to the work we have produced, and we each and to write down notes on al-least 8 of them, so we can research them for our work on the brief. There was some really great artwork on display, from painting to installation. I have written down the names of 8 different artist to research or look up for the brief.

She gave us more sheets to look over as soon as possible, each one focusing on something different from the brief.

This is going to be a very, very long two month before Christmas.


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