Critique week-Day 2: Crtiquing work

For today, I got a chance to critique the work of my fellow fine art students. First, our course leader divided us into groups and assign us to 3 crit zones within the studio. For our group critique, we have to note down the following for each outcome we look at: our initial response to it, description of what it is, praise and complaints about it, what the story behind it is and if it reminds of us of anything from the real world.

Here our my 3 critiques on 3 students in my fine art group:

Critique 1: Angus:

IMG_3347Piece of metal with different coloured strings attached and speakers

Response: Eye catching

Description: Two large sheets of metal, each one showing strong signs of rust. They are connected by several strands of blue and orange string. There are also two speakers between them, no doubt to simulate a specific noise that would associate with them.

Praise: I like the contrast between the rust and the strings. The blue string matches the tints of blue on one of the metal sheets (and most likely the other sheet as well). I also like the arrangement of the sheets, as they do a great job concealing the speakers.

Complaints: Speaking of the speakers, they were clearly broken, which is a shame as I wanted to hear what piece of audio that would have accompanied the piece. Also, I do thing the piece is a little too simplistic and could have been made a little more complex.

Story: I don’t know is there is a clear story behind this set up, though I imagine it might be related to the speakers. If they weren’t broken, we might have gotten a clearer picture.

Does it remind me of anything: looking at the blue half of one of the metal sheets, I can’t help but be reminded of the ocean or a clear blue sky. It feels like if a touch it, my hand might pass through it.

Critique 2: Courtney

IMG_3346Golden Boxes

Response: Eye catching and distinct

Description: A bundle of boxes, all crumpled and sagging and arranged into a tower. Each one is painted gold.

Praise: I like the use of gold paint, a sit makes it easy to spot. I also like the arrangement of the boxes, as they form an abstract structure.

Complaint: The problem is that the boxes are sagging and could easily topple over. I don’t know whether this was her intent or not, but if she does do a similar outcome in the future, I would suggest that she make sure the boxes are fresh.

Story: There doesn’t appear to be a clear narrative behind it, though it might be related to the idea of everything crumbling down all around you. Perhaps the narrative is that nothing lasts forever.

What it reminds me: With the gold paint and the way it is arranged, it reminds of the pyramids from ancient Egypt.

Critique 3: Joe

IMG_3348Plaster viewer

Response: Puzzling

Description: On first glance. it looks like a plaster mound attached to the wall, but look through the small hole, and you will see yourself reflected by a miniature mirror inside.

Praise: I like how it plays with expectations. It’s like a surprise birthday present, you never know what you’re going to get.

Complaints: I can’t think of any major complaints, other than the hole should be slightly bigger. And perhaps, Joe could have painted the mound, instead of just leaving the way it is.

Story: The way it is presented, is it like staring into the unknown and that is a slightly frightening thought. You just don’t know what you will see on the other side.

What it reminds me: It reminds of a telescope or one of those pier telescopes and you are looking at the sea.

I like each outcome from all 3 artists. They are unique, distinct and very creative.

Here is the critique for my own outcome:

Immediate responses: Bright, Vibrant, lots to take in, striking colours, energetic and illustrative.

Descriptions: Different masks coming at you, different styles of drawing and rough brown texture verse smooth paint

Praises: Strong Narrative feel, Cut off elements along the edges, depth of paint and how it stands out, the fact you can read what you like in or out about the work, scratch lines in thick icing and how to look at things from different perspective.

Complaints: Don’t exactly know what it’s about, crisp white paper takes way from work, buckling paper distracting, clips aren’t straight and The face doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the piece.

Stories: The piece feels historical, Battlefield, Fallen comrades, you could make up your own narrative to the work, strong narrative, not obviously political but based on history, hordes of different helmets and a good reflection making you think what might not be detailed in the piece.

How it connects with the rest of the world: Connection to today’s modern-day war and loss and through use of chocolate icing, it is a reflection of greed and gluttony in times of warfare.

I like the praise they gave to my painting, and understand some of the criticisms towards it (I knew I should have done more with it). I also never thought of the connections to war, but it goes to show how one can interpret another’s artwork.

Next time, I will do more with it, if I decided to do again.

After lunch, it was Year 2’s turn for a critique of their work, so we all wither went home or to the library to work on other projects. overall, a solid critique.


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