Critique week-Day 1: Set up my space

All this week, my fine art are setting up our spaces for critique week. Originally, I thought we be critiquing our work today, but we still needed to set up our spaces and display our art in a professional manner.

With Kate’s help, I was able to set up my space for the critique. She bought wall clips for me to use to hang my painting on the wall, but they weren’t strong enough to hold it up. So, I had to go and buy two bull clips from the art shop (fortunately, they only cost £1.20).

They proved to be stronger than the ones Kate bought, and were able to hold up my painting very well. We then had to find a space to hang my painting, but most of the studio’s walls were taken. Eventually, we decided to hang my outcome in my work space, only on the opposite wall near the corner. Before I could officially hang it up, we had to measure the length and width of both the wall and my painting, in order to see if they both line up with each other. Using a tape measure, we managed to successfully measure the wall and my outcome. Once that was done, I had to mark the spots where my outcome would go on the wall. I did this by lightly hammering two nails into the wall, making sure that they both aligned with each other. At first I grew frustrated because the way I hammer the nails cause one to be lop-sided, but fortunately, Kate was on hand to help. Once the nails were firmly in place, we hooked my clips onto the nails and successfully hung my piece to the wall.  our work was not done however, as my area had paint all over the floor. So, we decided to clean up the area as best we could, using sponges and blue towels to try to scrub the paint off. We got most of the paint off, though the floor look like it was starting to come off. However, it was just age so there wasn’t mush to get worried about.

Afterwards, Kate suggested I paint the wooden plinth near my space white, just so it wouldn’t stick out. The painting didn’t take too long. My space was now ready for critique week, thought I wish the actual critique was today.

IMG_3338My painting hung up

And these are images of others artwork for critique. Their work is really good, and inspires me to continue to work on my own artwork:

IMG_3340 IMG_3341 IMG_3342 IMG_3343 IMG_3344 IMG_3345


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