Today, i came in and help with the prep work for the critique exhibition next week. With the help of Kate, I spent most of the day painting the walls of my space white, though not before I rubbed off all my drawings with sandpaper. It wasn’t so difficult painting the walls. In fact, there wasn’t much work to do other than painting. The only other thing we did was find a good place for my final outcome to stay until Monday. Kate chose the print room, and covered it with old news papers to make sure nothing would get on it. We met one of the tutors on the course and he suggested that I use neodymium magnets to hold up my painting. Though they are cheap, ordering would be difficult, because they wouldn’t come until October 26, a week after crit week. Kate suggested waiting till Monday and should would bring special wall clips to use to hold up my outcome. I think it’s cheaper and saves me some money. The other thing we did was talk about what I am going to say for my critique. Kate ask several questions about my work, including why I chose my helmet, why I decided to use chocolate and how I sued negative and positive space. I answered as best as could and Kate went to type them up as notes, and print them out for me to read in preparation for next week.

Overall, not much work aside from getting ready for the crit, though I plan on taking part in an open call for student artwork. The theme is environmental and I need to write a 500 word proposal for my intended piece. If it is good enough, it will be display in the local art galley or in the quad.

I have worked hard over these last few weeks, and I look forward to seeing my work displayed for everyone to see and critique.


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