After weeks of hard work, acrylic paint and loads of chocolate, I have finished my Helmet Gallery painting. It was frustrating and I almost gave up several times, but I was determined to finish this outcome, no matter what. I always strive to finish something once I’ve started it, no matter what it is.


As you can see, I have added more helmets since yesterday, and while I had some trouble drawing some, they all came out very well.

Initially, I had trouble with drawing 3-dimensional objects and didn’t want to do them at first, but I realized that I just needed to draw from actual images of helmets to get the results I wanted. I remembered that I did research on Etruscan helmets, which I had saved on my memory stick. I went straight to the library and printed them out in black and white ( it didn’t make a whole lot of difference whether they were coloured or not). Once I had the images, I just looked over them and drew them onto the page, getting as much detail from each one as best as I can. I wanted to fill in as much space as possible, though I did make mistakes and had to paint over them with white paint, though I realized that I could work the white patches into my work.

IMG_3329This is one of two white-washes that I made into my two new helmets. The white actually adds a new layer to the helmet and contrasts nicely with the turquoise. I took my mistakes and made them apart of the painting. One of the new additions of my gallery is a rendering of my clay recreation of my helmet, with a strong use of gray (black and white mixed).

Near the end of the day, i looked over my piece and I must say, it turned out better than I thought. I wanted to fill the whole page with loads of helmets, but I feel there is enough on the surface. I can’t wait 4 critique week and hear what people have to say about my work (I will brace myself for criticism when/if it comes).


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