Workshop-Screen printing

For my last workshop, I did screen-printing. I did screen-printing before during my foundation course, but now I get to expand upon it. The technician (who helped me last year) gave a through and detailed lecture on what do when screen printing, what not to do and how we can produce more than one print. Some of it I remember, but the rest is new and I haven;t gotten to it yet, but I hope to do so in the future. After the talk, he showed us how to prepare our screens. First, we need to pick the print screen we wish to use and cover it in print emulsion. The reason for this is because when screen printing, the images you use will imprint themselves onto the screen print. The emulsion is used as a stopping agent, to make sure that when the images are imprinted, they are perfect copies of the originals and can be used multiple times for multiple prints. This is accomplished through a special machine that, when turned on, will hold the images you want imprinted in place through mini vacuum holes and after about 8 minutes under the machine, the images are perfectly imprinted on the screen. Afterwards, you take the screen back into the studio, dry it out a bit more and once it has dried completely, try it out. When printing, you must cover all four corners of the screen prints with tape, to ensure that the printing ink will not spread to the sides.

The technician showed us how to set up our screen print by hooking it up to the print machine, as well as where to place markers so we know where are prints are. Place a sheet of paper (or any other flat surface) under the screen print and turn on the machine. This will activate small vacuums and they will suck the air from the bottom of the sheet and hold it in place. Once the ink is on, you must spread it down at the bottom of image, then spread it upward, pressing the squeegee down at the tip and you should have a perfect print.

Prior to all of that, we had to draw 4 images to use for the screen printing.

IMG_3286 IMG_3289These are two of the images I drew for the printing. Left: Etruscan helmet. Right: Garnet from Steven Universe.

Once I got my chance to print, I sued purple printing ink for my images, while the others were printing in red.

IMG_3294 IMG_3296Left: My 4 screen prints and others.

The first print came out very well, though the second was faded. Still, both sets of prints are very good.

Afterwards, the technician showed us how to thoroughly wash and clean our print screens.

IMG_3298Screen getting washed.

Overall, I enjoyed doing screen printing again and I might go back to it again for future projects.

For the rest of the day, I continued to work on my crit exhibition work, producing two more chocolate icing paintings on the same sheet as my last one. Both images are based on two recent drawings I did in my sketchbook yesterday.

IMG_3301 IMG_3302Left: Second one came out just fine, though I had trouble with the black pillar that is supposed to hold it up. Right: The third proved very annoying, as I got the proportion and size of the left side of the helmet slightly wrong. Despite that, the rest of it was great.

I hope to buy that large sheet of paper this week so I can begin my final piece. I look forward to putting this project behind me.


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