Choc icing painting expansion

Today, I continued my work extending from my original chocolate icing painting. I decided that my final painting would be the biggest one yet, originally meant for the wall. But, I thought about it more, and I realized that if I did my final piece on a wall, it will be a pain to remove the chocolate and paint, so I decided to use an extremely large sheet of paper, the same kind that my classmate Joe uses. It costs £19 quid, so I will have to buy it next week.

For today though, I did two more chocolate icing paintings, in preparation for my final outcome. My first painting was on another sheet of A1, but for my second, I used a slightly larger sheet of A1, but it wasn’t as big as the sheet that Joe used for his painting. Both painting are really good, but they could have been better in certain areas (namely proportions on one side and the noses). It is very difficult to draw both sides to look the same and get the nose exactly right.

IMG_3281 IMG_3285

Overall, this has been a very busy week, from workshops to working on my helmets. Next weeks look like it will have more work for me, with my final workshop in screen-printing.


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