Plaster workshop-Pt. 2

Today, I finally got stuck into my artwork. Lately, I have allowed myself to get distracted, and all because I couldn’t think of anything. But, today I aimed to change that. First, I went to the library and continued work on my online museum exhibit. In-case you have forgotten, I have to create a blog in the form of a museum exhibit, with 4 broken objects as the focus of the exhibit. I have to research each one, (histories, backgrounds, materials used to make them, etc) and discuss why I chose them and my theme: Broken. I finished writing my descriptions of two of my chosen pieces (a broken bust of Caesar and a statue of a figure sitting down), with only two more to go. Earlier in the morning, I asked about the crit exhibition in two weeks, and Grant told me that I need to pick at-least one piece of my recent artwork and expand it. Once I had expanded it, it will be pin-up for display. Looking over my work, I chose my chocolate icing piece.

IMG_3270The expanded version of my chocolate icing painting. I would go back to this later on.

For the rest of the afternoon, I did extensive work in the studio. First, I went back to the plaster workshop, and made a plaster cast based off my Etruscan helmet drawing. First, I gathered a large chunk of clay, flatten it out with a rolling-pin and carved the image of my helmet onto it. Once the carving was finished, I started work on my plaster. By mixing large amounts of casting plaster and water, I successfully made my plaster and poured it all over my clay mound.

IMG_3271 IMG_3272Before: Plaster all over the mound.

After: my plaster casting and the clay mound.

As you can see, the results were a perfect recreation of my clay mound.

Afterwards, I thought about what to do next for my second chocolate icing painting. While thinking it over, I did two pastel drawings of my helmet inside my sketchbook. I mixed brown, green and blue pastels together, and the results were a very nice contrast of colors and tones.


Once that was done, I decided to paint inside my chocolate icing outline, using blue, green, brown and black acrylic paint. It was a great mixture of paint and food:

IMG_3276This is by far my best piece. It has strong tones, composition, texture and colors.

I plan to expand this into a bigger piece and put it on display for the crit exhibition.

I made great stride in my work today, and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully, I will continue my hard-work tomorrow.


2 comments on “Plaster workshop-Pt. 2

  1. Hi, I’m very curious about the consistency of your plaster in this project. Do you by any chance know how much plaster and water (per parts) you mixed? I want to be able to pour my plaster onto a flat surface like you did and for it to pile up in a thick, creamy, blobby way just like that.
    Thank you!


    • I don’t know the exact amount per parts. I recommend you just keep adding plaster to the water, until it starts to get thick, similar to ice cream when it is melting. Once it feels thick enough, pour it over the surface as quickly as you can, because the plaster will harden almost instantly. Hope this helps.


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