Recreation conclusion and crit

I finally finished my ten recreations this week. I had so many ideas and I managed to use most of them, while others could have been done better. One of my original ideas was to recreate my helmet with sweets, but after thinking about more, I decided to use ketchup instead, because it doesn’t look very conventional and that whats makes it even better.

IMG_3239I had to go over it several times to capture the exact shape and form of the helmet.

Prior to the ketchup, did a blind contour on my wall. It was pretty quick, but I managed to capture the overall shape and volume of the helmet.

IMG_3238Blind contour helmet

After that, I tried to do my nail helmet, as well as finish my collage from Wednesday. The nails proved to be a failure, while the collage was annoying to do, as I had to cut and stick loads of images onto loads of white spaces on the page.


Eventually, I decided to do a drawing recreation of my first drawing of the Etruscan helmet I did in the museum. Honestly, it is my best piece yet.

IMG_3248Drawing helmet

As we neared the end, I continued my collage helmet, using images from the two leaflets from the Barbican art center and an Empire magazine I bought on Wednesday to use for my collage. It turned out very well, though thee were still a few white spots left over.

IMG_3253Collage helmet

Eventually, I finished all ten recreations of the Etruscan helmet and stuck them all on my wall:

IMG_3250 IMG_3251The image at the bottom is my clay rendition of the helmet, on my palette.

Our teacher then got us into critique groups, going around and critiquing the work of our fellow degree students.

The work of the others was very impressive and inspires me to get better and better with my own artwork. We will continue to critique and review our work next week, and then take everything down and put them away.

This was both fun and infuriating, but very rewarding.


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