Recreation and Transformation continuation

Today, I continued the recreation project I was given yesterday. Yesterday, I did one inside my sketchbook, using chalk. For today, I produced 5 more recreations, using 5 different methods:

IMG_3222Chalk recreation (I may expand on this and do a larger version on the wall in my work-space)

IMG_3226Masking tape recreation. Again, I hope to do a larger version on my wall, or not. Have to wait and see.

IMG_3230Torn recreation. First, I took my chalk drawing to the library, had it photocopied on A3 and tore it into 6 strips. I hung it on my wall, but in a jumbled state, just like a jigsaw.

IMG_3232Chocolate icing recreation. I had a lot of fun with this one. I bought the icing for the London trip, but I didn’t get to use it, so I kept it in case I ever needed it. Using a chopstick, I spread several amounts of icing on a sheet of A1 to form the outline of the helmet and smeared the rest inside. I had to resist the urge to lick the icing.

IMG_3233Painted recreation. Using blue and red acrylic, I produced this vivid recreation of my Etruscan helmet. I had some trouble with the portions and making both sides match, so I had to spread the paint further. I think it came out very well.

IMG_3236Clay Helmet recreation. I was both dreading and excited to do this. I didn’t know how to approach it, should I go  with a 3-D model or flatten it out and cut holes into it. I really struggled with the modeling of the clay, as I wanted to get it exactly like the helmet. Eventually, I asked one of the teachers for help and he suggested I use oil-based clay, which doesn’t dry out as easily as the clay I had on me. I tried to mold it, but after seeing Kate flatten a piece on the floor, I was inspired to do something similar. Using my palette as a base, I flatten my lump of clay (adding few more portions as I went along), molded it and cut away several portions of it, until it resembled the helmet. Looks great.

I also began work on a collage recreation, using images from two guides from the Barbican art center. I plan to buy a magazine from waitrose, so I will have more images to use.

This day was hard, but the results were worth it.


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