Setting up workspace and Workshop continuation

Today, we began to set up our own personal work-spaces within the studio. First, Grant (one of our course leaders) gave us a demo on how to set up our work-spaces. First, we get a big, wooden board, about the size of a table. Next, we need thin planks of woods. The planks will be cut in two, with each piece acting as a brace to keep the board in place, from top to bottom.

IMG_3199Grant giving us a demo of setting up our work-space.

After the demo, I started to work on my work-space. First, I had to pick my space and I chose the wall near the back, which has plenty of space. I picked the board, and together with other degree students on my course, we set it up. The board is used more for the other student’s space than anything else, but I didn’t mind. First, we placed one half of a thin plank on the floor and I hammered it into the floor. I tried to hammered the other nails down, but I kept hitting stone underneath. Eventually, the other student I was working with just used a larger hammer. I will also be sharing my space with Joe, someone from my art foundation. I don’t mind, I like Joe and we have worked on other projects before, so hopefully, we might work together on a project.

IMG_3203Nails being bashed into the plank.

After securing the two braces, I held the board as the screw were being drilled in. I thought I was done, but instead, I helped another student to extend their work-space, holding boards in place while they were being drilled into.

After lunch, I helped to stick all the drawing from the London trip up on one of the walls in the studio.

IMG_3206All the drawings from the British Museum.

IMG_3212All drawings pined up.

Once we were done, our tutors told us about our newest, two-day project. Titled “Strategies of recreation and transformation” we have to pick one piece of work from our Museum trip and recreate it using 10 different methods (painting, drawing, 3-d, photography, etc). It must be finished and presented by Thursday. I have already made a start, with my first recreation being inside my sketchbook and, produced using chalk.The piece of art that I picked was one of my drawings of one of my two helmets.

IMG_3222Chalk recreation of my Etruscan Helmet from the Museum.

I have written down more ideas for recreation and transformations inside my moleskin, which I will explore and practice tomorrow and Thursday, just before my presentation.

Not a bad day, though I fear things will get more difficult in the future.


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