The British Museum Workshop

Today, I went to the British Museum in London, and started the first of three workshops as part of my newest project. For my first workshop, I went with Andre Gregson, who tasked me to draw 4 pictures of four, distinct artifacts that were on display. I had to imagine myself as a collector, perusing through all the objects and picking the ones I want out of all of them. My drawing had to capture the realism of the objects (tone, texture, surface, form and essence), as a way to record them. I had until 1.00 to finish, but I like to take my time with a drawing and I initially couldn’t decide on my next drawing. Eventually, I managed to draw four objects (two helmets, one handle carved out of a mineral and the blade of a sword). I enjoyed this workshop more than the second one, where for the first half, I had to describe a piece of mural art made out of bricks, using only tweets on tweeter. I had to write several small, quick tweets, describing this piece of art and I didn’t use “I” at all. I also took a picture to upload, but I couldn’t do it on my mobile (because it is a prick). The second half is where I really struggled, because I had to leave impressions of an ancient language onto a piece of white tack using a chopstick. Here is the language:IMG_3170

And here are my impressions:


This was frustrating to do, but I did my best. Tomorrow, I will continue this workshop in the studio.

My final workshop in the museum was with Grant Petrey, who tasked me to produce my own museum exhibit, with four objects that form a narrative around a specific theme. My exhibition must be uploaded and developed into a blog. I will continue to develop ideas for my blog thorough workshops for the next 3 weeks. I must do independent research on all of my objects, expanding on their possibilities, both conceptually and practically. I will not upload the images on this blog, as I want to keep this separate from my museum exhibition blog. I will say that I took 5 pictures and will pick four of them to expand upon. I really want to get creative on it. I might start work on in over the weekend. Overall, this day was both good and bad, but It is important for my degree course. Hopefully, I will enjoy myself and produce a good body of work.


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