House of Shit-Public Display

Yesterday, my group had our big, public display of our House of Shit project. First, we had to take our tents outside and set it up. But, instead of my group, it was another group that carried our project outside for us. It was very kind of them. My group started the actual set it up, by stuffing the linings of both tents with large amounts of rubbish and paper shredding.

IMG_3114The inside of our tunnel

After we had finish setting up, James (member of my group) and myself had to record our manifesto, which would play all day. We had to wait for quite a while, but eventually, we got to record our reading of the manifesto.

When the display began, we had to hum Ode to Joy 3 times (we only hum it 2 times). My group spent most of the day trying to encourage people to crawl through our House of Shit and during lunchtime, loads of people went through the tunnel (sadly, I didn’t get any pictures).

IMG_3128Our sign

I also took pictures of others projects and I loved the ideas o display.




It was a great day, and everyone loved our display. If I had to change anything, it would be to wear gloves BEFORE handling rubbish, as putting all that trash inside the tents was awful. And I really wish I taken pictures of people going through our tunnels.


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