Manifesto and House of SHIT

On Tuesday, my group began production of our institution. First, our teachers talked to us about another trip to London next week (they would go into more depth about it later on) as well as the next stage of our group project. Today, we had to make a manifesto, something that people will stop and read that will inform them about our work. We also had to collect more rubbish to place inside the tents. Our plan is to connect two tents together, push a roll of chicken wire inside in order to create a tunnel and tape several pieces of rubbish onto the sides of the tents. After that, we tape small manifestos underneath them, so the audience can read our own descriptions on the “relics” from days gone by. The audience will have the choice to crawl through the rubbish to get to the other side, just like wadding through a post apocalyptic wasteland. Based on the theme of our project, we decided to call it “House of Shit”, named after the Madness song, House of Fun.

IMG_3074Rubbish on other end of tunnel.

Once we had enough rubbish, we started to work on the chicken wire. We each had to hold down a side so we could make it easier to bend. I had to step on one side while the others were measuring the length of on the other side. Once the wire had been measured, we had to tape the two sides together, while one of us lay in the middle to make sure it wouldn’t unfurl.

IMG_3078Chicken wire being measured.

IMG_3079Our  leader wrapped up in chicken wire.

IMG_3086Chicken wire tunnel completed.

Once the wire was nice and bundled, we had to slid it into the two tents, through one end to the other and tape the wire to the sides. Also, we had to tape the sharp edges, so no one would get scratched or get hair tangled.

IMG_3091Wire going through the tents.

I wanted to help more, but I had a splitting headache from all the stress of this week and I just wanted to go home. Fortunately, we were pretty much done for the day, so I was able to go home and rest.

For today, we finally finished our House of Shit project. WE started to placed the “relics” inside the tunnel, cutting holes in the sides where they are stuck on so others can see them. We then would tape the manifestos underneath.

IMG_3099Our relics

IMG_3105Poison container, with description underneath.

Earlier, I had to complete I safety checklist for our project, to ensure that we have covered all the necessary steps in preventing any hazards when people crawl through our tunnel. After that, I helped to taped up the plastic wallets that some of the objects were in, so nothing would fall out. I also taped down the sides of the tunnels, making sure that the objects in the lining don’t fall out. Finally, we were finished. Tomorrow, we need to move our projects outside and get people to try it out. We also have to hum Ode to Joy all day, so I need to listen to the tune and memorize  it

Once we were done, I went to my weekly meeting with Fiona, in order to complete student/learner agreement sheets.

I happy to see my group project is nearly complete. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

IMG_3111Our finished tunnel


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