Institute of Last Lost things (Take Over)

Today, I begin my first, joint degree project with second and third year students. We must form 12 groups and each start our own institution, dedicated to the study of lost things, objects from the past. Each of us where assign one lost theme, where we must bring in items that relate to the theme and explore them through pop-up departments. All groups must occupy a space within the studio, where we are provided with our own tents and gazebos.  These are our bases, where we will build institutional monuments associated with our theme. As we were told, this project is a movement, similar to the Guildford art movement in the 1960s, and we need to present our items to the public as part of our occupied movements.

We also need to learn and hum Ode to Joy, as that is the theme of the project. It will be played during the course of the week and we need to be ready to hum it. I plan on looking up similar protest groups and hopefully get some ideas for my group.

IMG_3062Our initial tent.

As for our theme, we got “the last of us left behind”, a post apocalyptic world. We ran over ideas, and eventually settled on collecting rubbish around the university and spreading it around our tent. Since the theme is post-apocalyptic, we had to imagine what people a thousand years from now would think of the items we have collected.

For example, my pizza box could be seen as a banner to join a protest group “The Take Away” on their mission to act against the use of the valuable and precious resource, cheese. We each had to pick several items from the collection of rubbish we each brought back during lunch. We continued to talk about how we would present our items to the public, but we didn’t get too far. We plan on starting to set up our space tomorrow at 10.

So far, I am enjoying this project. This is the kind of Fine art I will be doing for the rest of the year, and I can’t wait to continue it tomorrow morning.

IMG_3069Our “relics” from a thousand years ago.


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