Batman is not the greatest superhero of all time


Batman. To me, he was the best superhero in the world. Like everyone else, I saw Batman as the definition of true heroism, and that every other hero were simply “good” in comparison.

From his origin to his adaptability, Batman’s popularity has translated from comics to films, TV and video games. My love for Batman was so strong, I read and/or watch anything that had him in it. To me, Batman was everything.

But, am older now and over the years, I’ve come to a realization: Batman is NOT the greatest superhero of all time. He is a great hero, make no mistake about it, but I wouldn’t call him the greatest. At times, he can be a total prick! Half the time, he can very condescending, obnoxious and cold to his fellow heroes, and some people consider this “cool”. In real life, Batman would be slapped a hundred times! or at least avoided as much as possible. He can also be a total prick to his “family”. For example, when Stephanie Brown became the fourth robin, Batman, the greatest hero in the world, treated her like complete rubbish! He berated her every chance he got, and then finally, he fired her, which led to Stephanie unintentionally starting a gang war! Worse, after she was viciously tortured by Black Mask and died from her injuries, Batman doesn’t seem to care! He kept Jason’s costume in the cave as a monument to him, but Brown doesn’t even get that honor. Yes, she was brought back to life, but the damage was already done. And to think, Bruce vowed that no child would ever end up like him “Right.

Batman’s exposure in popular culture has continued to grow, and personally, I think it has gotten worst: Video games, cartoons, and movies. Now, I have nothing against the games (I’ve played 2 of them and they are great), and his exposure makes sense because he is one of the most adaptable characters of all time (rivaled only by the Doctor), but unfortunately, Batman’s popularity has led to overexposure not just in other media, but in the very medium that he originated from: comics. Look at any comic book shop or book store, and you are very likely to see a book shelf stacked to the brim with batman graphic novels. In-fact, I say batman has had more comics starring himself then any hero at dc, even more than Superman. The vast majority of DC comics either feature Batman (Batman, detective, batman and robin and Justice League) or a member of the “bat-family” (robin, nightwing, batgirl, bat-wing and batwoman). The quality of these titles are mixed, but the point isn’t about quality, its quantity. And DC has a vast quantity of books featuring batman, and it is getting old.

The powers that be at dc and Warner Brothers have taken his popularity and pushed him to the moon, while at the same time neglecting to push their other heroes, which is a shame. Honestly, dc comics has other heroes who are just as good (if not better) than batman and you can tell more stories with them instead of constantly going back to batman. Now, dc have started to push more of their heroes, even some of the more obscure ones in the comics, and there are plans for a movie starring Hell-blazer and swamp thing. So yes, in the next few years, we will hopefully see more focus on other dc heroes, which I have no problem with whatsoever.

But, back to my point: Batman is a great comic book hero, but he is not the greatest comic book character,because there are plenty of characters from dc, marvel and beyond who are better. Here is a “short” list:



Ms. Marvel (Khan)

Luke Cage


Flash (Barry and Wally)

Black Canary



Dr Strange

Captain Marvel (Shazam)



Dream and Death (endless)

Star Lord (Pre movie)

Jerusalem Spider

Judge Dredd

Tim drake


Green Lantern (Kyle and John Stewart)

Scott Pilgrim

Fantastic 4


Rick Grimes

Elijah Snow

Swamp thing

Animal man

Black panther (ruler of his own Bloody country!)

I can even name several heroes from other media who are better than Batman:

Dr. Who

James Bond


Indiana Jones

The Baudelaire children

Edward and Alphonse Elric

Gon (HXH)

Okabe Rintaro

Solid Snake

Siegfried (soul games)

Steven Universe




Steven Universe




If you have a problem, that’s fine. But this is my opinion and I will stick by it, no matter what!


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