The Site, Institute and You

Traveled to London on Friday, along with my TA, Kate. I had to pick one location in London (Barbican art center), explore it from top to bottom and produce several creative responses to it. First, I took several pictures of the interior, noticing how modern it is. The pictures show how the center has changed and evolved over the years, becoming the modern institution it is today.




The first response was when I recorded an art graduation that was being shown on a screen in the center. This was supposed to my reaction to seeing something televised. By recording graduation, am letting the audience think that I am there at the actual graduation, when really they are watching a screen through another screen. Plays with their perception.

The next video I tape was in the library. I wanted to show the oxymoron of the library, which is supposed to be a place of peace and quiet but instead is filed with noise from everyone walking about the center. I walked around the library, from the quiet areas to the loud ones, while also proving my own commentary. This is based on the style of John smith and his video, ‘A girl chewing gum’. It is very similar, but no editing. The message though, is still clear when you watch and listen.

Afterwards, me and Kate went outside to find anything that could make me produce another creative response. Eventually, I came across the logo of the center, 4 B’s arranged into a square pattern. I started to draw the pattern into my sketchbook, with plans to repeating the pattern in my book, but it started to rain and we had to get back inside. I tried to take a picture of the logo, but I was low on power so I had to keep my phone off all day. I had to use Kate’s phone to take pictures for the rest of the day. It was broken, but we were able to take plenty of pictures.

After lunch, we went back to the center and continued to look around. Eventually, we came across a twisting corridor within the building. It looked like the corridor of the mind, always twisting and turning. As we went deeper and deeper into through it, it felt like we were being drawn into the center of the mind. As we started to leave, we took a few more pictures of things we saw outside the center. The are all cover the briefs criteria: Observation, function, space, architectural, histories and reactions. It was a long, long day and this brief was frustrating at times, but I will have tougher subjects next week, so this is nothing but a warm up.

I’ve recently made a tumbler post, featuring the rest of my pictures from Friday. I describe them in my own, artistic way. Will post a link for you to follow:


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