Day 4-London brief and culmination of assemblage project

Today, my group finally finished our assemblage project. Before we could start, our teacher talked to us further about the themes of the project (observation, research, sense of place and creative reaction to said place). It was a lot to take in (just like the rest of this week), but I managed to hear snippets of information. Fortunately, Katie took notes for me to look over later. As for the rest of the day, my group did everything we could to finish before the lesson ended. I sawed a layer from the wood print, in order to make the bottom half more smooth and even with the wooden panels. Once that was done, I had to hold my nail outline down while one half of my group drilled it into the panels. The rest of my team continued to work on the canvas frame, while I took as many pictures as I could on my phone. At one point, someone’s installation almost fell on me! Fortunately, it just missed me.

As we neared the end, my group has already perched the extended structure in the corner, right between the panels of the canvas frame. Our teacher called us together again and told us about the London trip tomorrow. For Friday, we must travel to London and meet with the group, then split up and explore different places of London. Once we have observed the our chosen place and landscape, we must use what we have learned in the classroom to produce a creative response to the area we have explored, either through drawing, photography, video or using whatever is around and make a makeshift assemblage that ties into the theme and aesthetics of the location. I must also make sure that whatever assemblage I produce also relates to me in someway. Once we have finished, we must record what we have done onto a blog, with a link to YouTube or tumbler. We must also send a link to our work to the email address of one of the administrators on our course. If my work on this project is good enough, it will be curated into my first Farnham art exhibition this month. They also showed us examples of others artists and their creative responses to their environment, and I plan to look at some examples, as well as research the artist, Diego Valezues and his work which ties strongly with our current project. After the talk, I continued to take pictures of our structure, hoping  to get the teacher to upload them onto his laptop, but he didn’t have a lead to connect to my iPhone. So, my group took pictures of out structure with digital cameras, all from different angles and positions and gave the cameras to the teacher so he could upload them onto his laptop. he liked out worked, and the different angles of the pictures.

Once we had finished, we had to take the structure down and put it away. I got distracted too many times, but in the end, I managed to help my group with our project and my contributions were greatly appreciated and proved all the better for our work. I hope I can make something just as good tomorrow.

IMG_2976Note: I will upload more pictures of our assemblage, along with London pics and possibly a video.


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