Day 3-Continuation and introduction

For today’s body of work, I went into the classroom to continue my assemblage project. Only one other member of my group was with me today, but together, we managed to get a lot done. First, she had an idea on how we can cut two pieces of wood at a certain angle. The reason we had to do this was because we were going to stick the two pieces together, and then stick the nail outline to them and then stick them to the original wood print of Las Meninas. As to how we were going to do this, my partner suggested that we turn the table on its side, clamp the pieces of wood to the side and cut it a specific angle. I liked the idea, it was very innovative. I got to saw the first piece, but because I’ve hurt my right shoulder, sawing the wood was a bit of a pain. But eventually, I managed to finish the sawing and help hold two of the beams of the canvas frame so my classmate could drill two crews at the end of each one to fix them to the wall. I was a great way to start the day.

Afterwards, we had to attend the library and IT service introduction at 11. I’ve been through all this before from last year, but I took notes on anything I might need to look up in the future, just in case. Near the end, we had a talk on health and safety (and unlike last year, no one fainted) and finished with a quick quiz to see if we remember half the things they told us.

I went and had lunch, and then went to the library to meet Katie and Fiona to discuss how they could further support me this year. It was great seeing fi again after all this time (I even saw Heidi earlier in the morning). They both looked great. Anyway, Fiona wanted to know how she and Kate can help me this year. I suggested they could look up upcoming art exhibitions, though I can easily do that in my spare time. They made suggestions on how they can help me further in my lessons and I gave them the best answers I could think of. Fiona made an appointment for me to meet Jonathan tomorrow at 9.30 to discuss further support. Once we were done, I went back to the classroom to see if the others were there. They weren’t. It would seem that my team continued to work without me, having stuck the two cut pieces of wood together with glue and left them to dry. I didn’t want to do anything and ruin the piece, so I left them a note and left to write on my blog.

Overall, another successful day. Tomorrow, we will be briefed on our upcoming trip to London and what we will be doing. I can’t wait.



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