Day 2

Today, I continued my assemblage work with my team. I looked around the classroom and seeing all the work by the others, made me realize we needed to do more with our structure. I suggested I pick one person from the painting and create a nail outline around them, and make it stand out more. They liked my idea and encouraged me to go through with it. Using a hammer I bought during the summer, I hammered in 17 nails around one person from the painting (the princess). I chose the princess because she is the center of attention and is easily the one thing that will draw the viewer’s attention when looking at the painting. When I showed my nails to my group, they didn’t think it was distinct enough, so I painted the nails bright red. Now they look more noticeable.

IMG_2911Princess nail silhouette

As we progressed with our project, the girls wanted to add more wooden layers to our canvas frame, as well as remove a section from it. They wanted to bring perspective to the frame, and further this by setting it a an angle against the corner of the wall. They also painted it white and tied string around the top bar in the middle of the frame. Later in the lesson, we got together and talked about what to do next. I suggested to cut out the nail silhouette and stand it just outside the frame, right in the middle. They liked it, but also suggested that we stick two pieces of wood behind it, making it a further extension of the painting and paint the wood black to match the dark tone of the painting.

I had some trouble cutting the silhouette, as the saw kept getting stuck halfway through and eventually I got frustrated and stop working for a bit. My group offered to help me saw the nail outline out of the wood print and together, we managed to cut it out.

Together, we made great progress on our structure and we helped each other every step of the way:

IMG_2915Canvass frame

Overall, today went better than yesterday. I did get mad during the sawing and sometimes, I felt wasn’t doing enough, but in the end I was instrumental in the development of our assemblage and I can’t wait to finish it.


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