First day of my 3 year degree course in Fine Art

Today, I began my first week of my 3 year degree course in fine art.. After meeting my new TA, Katie, we went into our new art room along with my new art group (though there are a few old faces). Our course leader introduced himself and talked to us about what the year has in store for us. He talked to us about ladder safety, though I was more interested in our one week project. Eventually, he got to it. For my first degree project of the week, I had to form a group of 3 and construct a structure based off a person or object from Diego Velazquez’s Lasmeninas, 1656. We had to pick one object from the painting and make an assemblage based off it. We choose the back of an art portrait and hope to expand on it.

Once I had formed my group, our teachers showed us some of the equipment we had to use to make out structure: saws, hammers, nails, screws, string and pieces of wood. Basically, anything around the studio. After talking it over we the others, we began to make our structure out of wood, sawing off any pieces that were too long or big. Once we had the right length for each piece, we each took turns to hammer nails into each piece of wood, making our frame. As we neared the end of the lesson, the frame was looking very good and I can’t wait to add some color to it.

In addition to our one week project, out leader told us about our upcoming London trip this Friday. I am looking forward to going to London again.

Overall, this was a good way to kick off my degree course. Admittedly, I had trouble following everything they said, because it was a lot of information to take in. But, it was the first day and as the week goes on, I will ease myself into the project and my course as a whole.


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