Future casting for MCU-Part 1

Note: I know you all must be waiting for my Top 40 villains list to be finished, but my fine art work took first priority and with so many details and last-minute changes that came with it, I just became so stressed. I’m still a little tense right now, but I promise to finish my list this month or next.

With the release of Age of Ultron, The MCU is in store for more huge changes to the status quo, with Ant-Man coming this Summer and Civil War for next year. More and more heroes and villains are going to appear on the big screen in the next couple of years and no one knows whose playing who.

Well, I have been thinking of possible actors and the characters they could (and might) play in the MCU and today, I will share my ideas and the reasons behind each casting.


JetLiJet Li as…wongWong

With Dr Strange getting his own film next year, the next thing to do is find someone to play his faithful manservant, Wong. Now, my idea for Wong is someone older than Strange, but still able to kick-ass when necessary and I originally wanted to cast Chow Yun Fat, but that would have been too obvious and many marvel films often cast actors who are not so obvious for their roles (Chris Pratt as Peter Quill and Chris Evans as Steve Rogers). Jackie Chan was out, which only left one other candidate for me: Jet Li. I see Jet Li as the best Wong, as he is someone who can easily play a wise and skilled martial artist and comrade to the Sorcerer Supreme. Someone who can brew you a cup of tea, but also can deliver a swift back-kick to your enemies.

MalkovichJohn Malkovich as..Dark dimensionDormammu

While the lord of the dark dimension won’t be the main baddie in the first strange film, he will most likely be teased during the run time, gradually built up until his first appearance in a future film. For a being as dark and menacing as Dormammu, we need an actor who is well-known for playing dark and menacing villains and that man is John Malkovich.

From over the top psychopaths to cold and reserve monsters, John emits the right aura of dread and fear one would expect from the ruler of the dark dimension. The scariest part would be the fact that we don’t physically see him, we get hints and nods of Dormammu throughout the film, and maybe even hear his voice, shrouded in darkness. True stuff of nightmares and a perfect reason to cast John.

Jamie ChungJamie Chung as..MantisMantis

With GOTG 2 set for release in 2 years, there is already speculation on who will join the group for their second outing. One of the popular choices for new membership is the insect-like martial artist, Mantis. My choice to play her is Jamie Chung, well-known for playing Mio in Sin City 2. To me, she captures the beautiful and compassionate side of Mantis, as well as her mastery of martial arts. Beautiful and badass, a winning combination.

Part 2 coming soon. Till then, please leave comment below and let me know what you think of my choices.


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