Triage X review

x I’ve been wanting to write a review on, well, anything am currently interested in at the moment (comics, films,animation and more). I will eventually review movies and comic books, but for today, my first review, I’ve decided to review one of spring’s top anime titles. And as you can see, this is not one of the better titles out now.

Set in Japan, the story focuses on a private hospital, which acts as a cover for the secret vigilante operations that are being conducted. The aim of this vigilante task force is to hunt down and kill criminals and Yakuza bosses. An interesting premise, that is ruined by an avalanche of fan-service. As you can see, triage x is made by the same people behind High-school of the dead, but while they share certain similarities, they couldn’t be more different. HOTD is a serious story about surviving the zombie apocalypse. It’s no Walking Dead, but it was pretty good. Triage on the other hand can be summed up with two words: Action and Boobs. In-fact, it’s more boobs than action.

Nearly every episode is filled with women being abused or aroused in a sexual manner, with the breasts flopping about the place. This is something that I have grown quite tired of in anime, and that is women with boobs the size of water melons. I know fan-service isn’t going to go away, but this is an example of fan-service with no restraint whatsoever.

But, I have been a causal fan of anime lately and have been trying to get back into it on a regular basis, and I thought this was one of the titles that could get me back anime. Wrong. Instead of a fun and mindless action show with some fan-service, I get forced fan-service that borers on exploitative and boring, generic action scenes.  And as for the characters? In HOTD, the heroes were fleshed out and given depth, whereas the protagonists of triage are generic stereotypes I’ve seen in other anime and media. You have the dark, brooding anti-hero with a dark past, the hot-headed female lead and an assortment. of female characters who are only recognisable from their bust sizes, not their personalities. The villains are all sadistic bastards, who love subjecting women to heinous acts of depravity. Aizen, they are not.

I stopped watching the series as of the latest episode, which is the worst example of female fan-service I’ve ever seen. For example, a woman is kidnapped, strip and fed a drug that turns her into a lustful maniac, who will go mad without sex. There was no reason to strip, other than to give someone a stiff. I had enough and stopped watching, and frankly, I shouldn’t have watched the series to begin with.

Aside from the blatant and exploitive fan-service and boring action, the other thing that annoys me is that the creator of both triage and of the dead clearly want to make a hentai. Well, they should just make one, it’s not like there isn’t an audience.

Overall, give this show a pass. It’s boring and one note and will most likely offends. Watch of the dead, at-least it has a story.


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