Anime suicide squad

Inspired by a video posted by YouTube user, Deadpoolzilla, this is my line up for an anime only suicide squad:

RussoLadd Russo (Baccano) AKA the Muscle.

RULES!Scanty & Kneesocks (Panty & Stocking) AKA the Brains and infiltration

LucciRob Lucci (OP) AKA Enforcer

CrimsonSolf .J Kimbley (FMA) AKA Demolition

JusticeSeryu (Akame Ga Kill) AKA Wildcard

viciousVicious (Bebop) AKA Second-in command

LuciferChrollo Lucifer  (HXH) AKA Leader

I may do similar posts in the future. So, until then, tell me what you think about this line up in the comments section. See you all later.


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