Graduation show

Yesterday, my dad and I attended the public exhibition for the Farnham graduation show. It’s the one time of the year where students on the pathway fine art course get to exhibit their best work from their final major projects, from fine art to fashion and graphic designs. We looked at most of the exhibits, including the fine art exhibit, and once my dad saw my work, he was very impressed at my art work. Seeing his reaction and hearing him praise my work, it filled me with such pride. In-fact, looking at the work of the others, I realised just how impressive and beautiful my work truly is. The artwork from the other students were amazing, a real highlight of the evening. My favourite exhibition was the video game design show. Not only did we see video game artwork and designs, I actually got to play demos of games designed by the students. The games I played were plat-formers, with great landscapes and designs. I can definitely see those games becoming full length in the future.

Before dad left, we went to the fashion show in the glass house. It was a great show and a brilliant display of the creativity of the fashion students. One of the models was Tamsin, my former flat mate, and she looked great, I didn’t even recognise her at first.

Overall, the first night of the graduation show was great, with great artwork from every room. The art students of UCA should be proud for their accomplishments.


IMG_2783Fine art, my work

IMG_2786       IMG_2789Video Game design


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