Catch up

With the deadline to hand in my practical work coming up next week, I spent as much time today as possible looking over and checking my research with Tessa and Fiona. I also had to sign a leaflet concerning my FMP and confirm certain details about it.

I also expanded on my previous blog posts, as I thought that they were too short and needed more information. After I had expanded on them, I printed them out and added them to my previous blog posts.

I also had to write down the last two days inside my journal, in order to show my continues narrative of my work. I plan on printing off pictures of my work and sticking them inside my journal and annotate them as best as I can.

Looking over all my research files and blog posts, I think I have finished my research file for my final project, but I will check with Fiona just in case.

I’m tired and cannot wait to put all this behind me.

Sorry that this is another short post everyone.


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