Hanging work for exhibition

Today, I finally got to hang my FMP work up on the wall. I wanted to hang my work in the middle of the room, but Ann already picked a space for me, and it was just as good. I couldn’t just hang my work up and just leave it, I needed to arrange it in a way that catches the eye and reflects my style of art and make it look professional. With help from Ann and Kate, I picked my best pieces of work, along with my final outcome and hung them up.

Featured image

As you can see, the way we displayed my work is similar to a picture frame, with the smallest stencils acting as the corners of the frame. On each side, there is a stencil montages (my best stencils stuck to a different background, such as paint and collage) along with a few individual stencils. On the bottom left-hand side, you can see my only screen print alongside my stencil prints. Originally, I wanted to hang my chalk stencils next to my painted ones, but I couldn’t hang everything up and the screen print is slightly better, as it shows my use of a different form of printing technique, as well as on a different surface like wood. The middle is my favorite part, as it shows the progress of my FMP work, from bottom to the top. It also references my totem art from my progress brief last year. Seeing all my work on display fills me with pride. It looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to have my family see of the big night.

Afterwards, I stuck my smaller stencils onto a sheet of A1 card, in order to build up my portfolio. Now I can focus my remaining energies towards finalizing all my research for my FMP.


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