Screen Printing-day 2

I did more screen printing today. I thought I had to come in and help set up the spaces for the exhibition, but looking at the notice board, it shows that I have to be in tomorrow and Friday. This was a nice surprise, as I could continue with my print making from yesterday.

Because I went through the walk-through yesterday, I just went in and did 9 screen-prints on one page.  It was great doing all those screen prints on my own, though I still had to clean the screens and squeegee afterward, but other than that, I’m glad I got to do more screen prints before the technicians close for the day. I wanted to do as many prints as possible on a single page and wanted to do more, but I couldn’t think of another print to use. Still, I’m happy with the prints I did managed to put on the page. It’s a good use of layering, as some prints overlap on others and each color contrast well with each other. If I can, next time I will fill the whole page with prints, leaving no white spaces at all. I hate leaving empty, white spaces and strive to cover them as much as possible. I may also use my other drawings for future prints and maybe even pictures of my final outcome, as they would make great screen prints.

I really enjoyed doing screen printing during my free hours, and hope to continue to make more screen prints in the future.



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