Last studio day

it was my last day in the studio today, as we all had to move all the tables, chair and bits and pieces up stairs, before we could begin the preparation work for the upcoming art exhibition. But, before all that, I had to finish my own pieces to display in my own exhibition space. First, I did another samurai chalk stencil, to replace the one I unintentionally smeared yesterday. It came out a-lot better than the last one. After that, I worked on my project evaluation sheet, adding new details about the progress of my final art project.

Sometime after break, I continued work on my collage background for my geisha stencil, finally able to print off the remaining images, as well as any other images from my magazine. I would continue this after I had my lunch, and finally, I stuck down the last image into the outline. Before I could stick down  my stencil, Ann talked us through the work process for this week and next: we will have to come in for 3 whole days this week and next, in order to help get the room ready for the show. This will involve painting, building, and putting a few more things away. It is also a chance to make a start on our spaces for our own exhibitions. After I had finished sticking my stencil down onto the collage background, I had to help to put everything away and make space for tomorrow. I had to take 2 tables and 3 chairs up to the graphics studio. I haven’t been inside the graphics studio since last year, when I was just settling into Farnham.

Once that was done, I quickly wrote down and drew up my newly revised layout plans for my space for the exhibition I plan to display all of my best work from this project: stencil prints (paint and chalk), stencil montage and final outcome. I also plan to have a project pay images of falling cherry blossoms, to keep in the theme of my project. I might also try to paint kanji on my walls.

The next few weeks are going to be a nightmare, but it will be worth it once we get to the eve of the show.

Featured image


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