Stencil montage and chalk

Today I went through with my stencil montage work. First, I did my collage background for my geisha stencil, but I needed more images, so I went to the library and photocopied several images of manga from books and actual manga. I still didn’t have enough, so I copied and pasted images of anime onto a word document. Before I could print them, I decided to work on my samurai stencils. At first, I wanted to stick my samurai stencils onto chalk backgrounds, but I thought about it more and decided that chalk stencils would look better and add something new to my portfolio. I also painted a piece of A1 red and stuck my New Japan Pro Wrestling stencils onto it, and they look great. The dried paint on the stencils makes a great contrast of colours with the red. I tried to print out my anime pictures, but I only got half of them (error with printer). I still didn’t have enough images to fill in all the gaps in my silhouette for my geisha stencil. I will need to print off or photocopy more images tomorrow. As for my chalk stencils, I only managed to get up to 2 today, though I might have to re-do my second as I    smeared it with fixative. AM almost done, I just need to sort out my remaining stencils, finalize the design of my space and help prepare for the show and give in all my work, and then am finished.

Featured image


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