Day 5-Coming together

With the big set up next week fast approaching, I had to crack on as best as I could to finish all my work. First, I did some additional research for my research file, this time looking over the work of Hokusai, a legendary Japanese artist from the 19th century. After that, I went into the class room and started work on my new piece of work for my exhibit: stencil montage.

Basically, I stuck my smaller stencils on to my largest stencil, as opposed to sticking them up one at a time. It looked very good, better than I thought. But, I didn’t stop there. I also stuck my samurai glare stencil in the middle of my large, pointed teeth stencil, a stencil that I have used exclusively in my FMP work. This also looked great and referencing a motif in all of my stencil prints (something, often eyes, in the middle of my creatures mouth). I plan on having this in my exhibition, alongside my stencil paintings.

Afterwards, I thought about other stencils and what to do with them. I don’t want to throw them away, so I will include them in my exhibit. I decided to do something with my samurai stencils and stick them onto coloured backgrounds. For my first one, I went into the work shop and made a coloured background, with purple and green as the layers.

As soon as it dries, I will figure out how it will go with my samurai stencil. Overall, I think I did very well today and if I stay focused, I can achieve so much more. I wanted to end the post right here, but my work for the day wasn’t done yet. Feeling like I could do more, I went back to the class room and stuck 4 other stencils onto my dried print. It looked fantastic, with the dried paint from previous prints on the stencils making a great contrast of colours. I hung it on the wall, along with my other stencil montages. On Monday, I plan to include two more stencil montages, on two different backgrounds: Chalk background, with my samurai stencils and collage background, with my geisha stencil (I will buy the appropriate magazine this Saturday). I want to do more work with my art, and I will, no matter what.

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