Second day-setting up my space

Today, I have finally finished my final outcome. looking it over, I have to say, it looks very good, even better than I thought.

I wanted to make more stencils, but decided not to, as we are nearing the end of the project. However, aside from filling in small gaps on my piece and the extra work, I didn’t know what else to do.

I was given a small planning sheet and started to write out my space for the upcoming art show.  I wrote down 2 plans for my space and how it will be set up. Plan A, to hang up three of my stencil paintings, with my final outcome in the middle and the other two at the top, on each side. Plan B, stick all 3 paintings in a totem motif (based on my animal totem heads from my last project). I had to pick a plan, and I picked plan B, because it ties into a previous project and shows the development of final art project. I even picked out a wall, but was reminded that we would be designing are own spaces for the exhibition.

Later on in the day, I had a talk with Ann, showed her what Llewellyn wrote down on my tutorial sheet and she suggested the following:

look up artist Jeff Wall and his artwork and style, find and take notes on the art of Hokusai and read the art book, Pop Life: Life in a Material World. I plan to find a book of Wall and the two art books.

Overall, I feel I could have done more, but I did enough for today.

Featured image    IMG_2640


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