First day back

First day back, and getting close to finishing my work.

After reminding us to do a student survey (for the Hundredth time), as well as the deadline to hand in all our work (6th of May), she also told us to start planning our spaces to put our final outcomes and prepare for the upcoming exhibition.

Continuing from where I left off near the end of the Easter break, I added more stencil prints to my portrait, though I now seem to be running out of room. I think I might be finish, but I could make something else to go along with it. I will see tomorrow. I want to try and put more stencils on the surface, though I may have to overlap. Again, we will have to see where tomorrow goes.

I had another one-2 one, this time with Llewellyn, my tutor from my pathway course. He liked my work, but suggested the following to insure that I get the degree: research on artists who have been influenced by Japanese culture Van Gough), expand on Japan’s culture and their national pride in my research, look into theatre of No, ancient Japanese artists, Seven Samurai and Spirited Away, and screen printing.

Llewellyn even introduced me to Tony, a teacher who specializes in screen printing. I looked at all the screen prints he has done and they looked amazing. They suggested I spend two days and work on some prints with him, to further my printing skills and add to my portfolio. It was a generous offer and I might try to see him in the future.

I still have much to do before I finish, but I should hopefully finish everything soon. I don’t like all this extra work but I’ll do it if it means I can get that degree.

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