Final Outcome

Last Thursday, I bought 6 cans of spray paint 4 my final outcome. For the rest of the week, I thought about which layer to put on first and which one should come next. The initial order is this: black, purple, green, blue, red and orange, though it might change during the actual printing.

I would have done the printing sooner, but I felt the weather just wasn’t right. In addition, I wanted to relax as mush as possible before going back to university.

Today however, I finally started to work on my outcome. Using my large oval stencil, I covered my canvas with a thick layer of black spray paint, left it to dry and added the other layers of paint on top of it. However, my red spray paint became clogged, so now I have only five layers on my canvas. On Tuesday, I plan to return the red and get a new can of spray paint. Overall, it was a good start on my FMP.

Yesterday, I returned the clogged can of red spray paint and got a new one in exchange. Today, I sprayed the red all over the canvas, finally adding my sixth and final layer. It is currently drying at the moment and once it has finished, I plan on painting my chosen stencils onto the surface. I might have to finish it as soon as I get back to university.


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