Control canvas-finished

Yesterday, I finished my control canvas, and can now focus on my final outcome. As soon as I get home, I plan to look at all my stencil prints and paintings, choose the best elements from them and incorporate them into my final outcome. However, my mind has been muddled, thanks to my addiction to my phone and going to bed late. I must end this soon, before my health is further jeopardized.

Prior to completing my painting, I had to have one more group tutorial and assessment before Easter. My sketchbook and journal were assessed and the assessor wrote down what | still need to do: highlight key ideas, use fixative ion pencil drawings and experiment with Photoshop.

Once I was finished with my work, I had to pack up everything and take it home with me. This was a pain, as I had loads of work to put away, and carrying my heavy folder was a nightmare.

But, soon I will be able to rest and not think about my FMP (though I will be updating my blog with my progress throughout the holiday).

So, with all that said, have a happy Easter.


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