Control canvas and moving things out

I spend too much time on the internet. It’s like my dad says, “you need to limit yourself”. I try, I really do, but whenever \i can’t think of anything to add to my latest piece of art work, or if am really frustrated and tired of work, I scrawl on the internet. It’s wasting my time, and I need my time to focus on my work. I wasted half the morning on the internet (though I did manage to post my latest, personal entry). The fact is, all day I could only think about things I saw on the screen, instead of things I need to think about, like my work. Still, I managed to get some things done today.

I started work on my final outcome, having acquired two pieces of canvas, thanks to Ann Jones. The first is my control, where I get to experiment with stencils that work and stencils that don’t work, though am thinking about just painting any patterns or images that come to mind. Using the workshop, I sprayed two layers of paint onto my control, though my red spray paint is running low (will have to buy more). While it dried, I went to get lunch.

When I got back, I made a start on it, but had to stop and go move the rest of my things into my new room. Fiona and Heidi helped with the moving, which wasn’t too difficult as I don’t have that many things to move anyway. For the next two days, I will gradual move my things out until I am settled into my new lodgings.

Once I got back to the classroom, I continued work on my control canvas, just suing any stencil I think could work. SO far, the results are promising, but I feel like I am holding back, not helped by the fact that I day dreamed all day. I must void listening to music or going on the internet, as they r both interfering with my work. Still, as long as I can produce any work, the day feels like an accomplishment.

Featured image


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