Final Outcome-Plan

As we Easter approaches, I have written down a plan of action for my final outcome. The plan is subject to change, and I will write them down if/when they occur, but until then, this is my current action plan:

1. Collect sheet of A1 paper, and measure a Length of canvas. Make sure canvas is same size and length of A1.

2. Look over stencils and choose 10 of my best ones to use for final outcome (May make 1 or 2 new stencils to use as well).

3. Use double-sided tape to stick canvas onto A1.

4. Place oval stencil over canvas, and spray 6 layers of spray paint onto the surface. The results will be a vivid and striking shape filled with colours.

5. Print my ten best stencils onto the surface, covering every empty space

6. Bring outcome back to university and add any last-minute touches to the painting.

7. Once finished, help class prepare for exhibition.

This is my current action plan, though it may change.

As for today’s work, I continued my stencil portrait from yesterday, expanding the width and area of the shape. Once that was done, I printed more images onto it, including a new stencil.

The one draw back is that because I stuck my canvas onto a wall with a table in front of it, I’ve had to lean in and paint it, which caused immense pain to my neck, spine and my legs. Next time, I’ll paint the canvas, then hang it up!.

Despite that, it has been a very productive day.


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