FMP final piece-countdown

As of now, I have next week, eastern break and a few weeks back in April before we have to set up for the big exhibition. With so much to do and time running out, I have felt very stressed and agitated, not help by the fact that I haven’t been sleeping well. But, I visit from my dad helped me to realize that I still have time to finish my work, and to pace myself properly. Thanks tom him, I feel more positive now and slightly less stressed. He was also a big help in helping me move some of my things into my new room, as I plan to move out of flat D and into Flat 75 on campus. Fortunately, I didn’t have that many things to move, so the rest of it will be easy.

After that, I worked on my personal blog, and continued work on my final outcome, though I’m thinking of starting a new one and continuing it during Easter. I might finish my piece before then, but for now, I’m thinking of making another one.

So far, the piece looks fantastic, with a good use of colour, texture and composition. The new stencils I made looked great on the page, and fits with the theme of my work perfectly.

Next week, I will try to finish my piece, and if possible, start to work on another outcome, just in case.

Today, I had my last group tutorial/assessment. We each had to look over each others work, and write down what needs to be improved and what works. I had to look over the work of Mike Ryan and assess his current crop of work, while he assessed mine. His FMP is titled “The Uncanny”, based off surreal art work that explores the unknown and his FMP work reflects it greatly.

There wasn’t too much for him to do, other than write a few more annotations, screenshots of the Photoshop program he used for his art and write a proposal for his project. As for me, Ran really liked my work, and wrote an action plan for what I need to do next:

1. “Journal is good but reflect more and narrate less”.

2. ” Develop research and analyse work and images-use different sources”

3.”Discover your “creative problem” and address it”

4. “Plan ahead and structure project a bit more”

Other than that, a pretty good assessment.

After that, I thought about an idea I had yesterday, where I would make my final piece on a sheet of canvas, I asked for a sheet and made a start today, hanging on a wall and printing my oval stencil onto it. I even cut some layers from my stencil so I could cover more of the surface area. However, I soon realised that I could have printed my oval on my table, and not hang up on the wall. Still, I’ve made a star now and am going to see what I can do with it before I leave for Easter.



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