Work on final stencil print

Today, I started work on my final outcome. Prior to this, I went and met with my future flat mates at my new flat. They were all really nice, and two of them (selidine  and Molly) are doing animation and the other (Jo) is studying film production. I can’t wait to get to know them better once I move this Easter (note: I plan to start moving gradually this Friday). After that, I went to continue my FMP work.

Just like last time, a sprayed 3 layers of paint into my oval stencil. I wanted to go for 4.but my purple spray paint clogged. That is the last time I purchase any spray paint from that art store. I decided to stick with 3 layers, though |I might add more to it.

As soon as the spray paint had dried, I painted around the outside of the oval with 4 different acrylic paints (red, orange, blue and green). I want this piece to be bigger than the others and be the most visually striking. After letting it dry for a awhile, I painted several of my stencils onto the surface. I plan to make new stencils and use them, along with some of my older ones. I might also incorporate Japanese symbols into the piece as well. This is my final print, or at-least a strong example of it. Either way, I’m going all out.



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