Stencil printing-FMP discussion and action

I continued my FMP work on Monday, as well as made a new action plan for this week and Easter. First, I decided to have some fun and made for new stencil print, each one made using my previous stencils. As expected, the results were solid. After that, I began to make my latest example of my final print. First, I painted my first layer onto a sheet of A1 and waited for it to dry before spraying the other layers. While I was waiting, I thought about my next stencil: one big stencil print in the middle, and four smaller ones in the corners around it. I cannot wait to get started. After lunch, before I could continue my FMP work, I had a group discussion with my group from last week. There wasn’t many of us, so we didn’t have a massive group discussion. Instead, we just casually talked about our work and horror far we have gotten with them. We then each had to make a new action plan for this week. My plan involves buying new paint, looking up Kanji and buying more spray paint (I can do that during the Easter break). After that, I continued my work and spray two layers over my painted one. While painting my recent stencils onto the larger print, the teachers complimented my work, saying it looked great. I really appreciate their opinions on my work, as it helps to influence my future prints. Overall, this was another great day, despite the god-awful weather. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better, both inside and out.

Yesterday, I continued my stencil work, using two layers of spray paint for my oval stencil. I also printed 4, smaller ovals around the edges of the large one, in order to create a pattern on the page. Once the stencils had dried completely, I painted my “face” stencils onto them, completing the pattern. The outcome was very satisfying. During this time, I also thought about where to hang my final piece in the upcoming exhibition. I thought of using one of the wall in the classroom, but Ann told me that we would be making our own display areas for the event. This week, I must think about my area. Also, I thought about my final piece, and thought about using the same method I have been using lately, but paint around the edges of the oval, increasing the size and width of it, so it will cover more space on the page. I want it to be bigger. I might make a start today of tomorrow.



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