Final stencil example-two

I continued my FMP work today. This time though, I did a slight reversal; instead of painting my oval stencil, I spray inside it with 3 layers of spray paint, and painted the other stencils onto the surface afterwards.

Prior to this, I went to see Fiona and we both discussed my new accommodations. The plan is for me to see the room again next week, and talk to some of the residents and get to know them better. We also agreed that it would be best if I moved into my new lodgings as soon as possible (during the Easter break), so I plan to have my dad come over tomorrow and help me to start packing up my things. I still like the room, but I am going to miss my flat mates.

Earlier, I picked up my new key from accommodations and I form I need to sign in the near future (but not right now). As for my stencil print, it wasn’t as good as the first one, but it still looks pretty good.

next week, I will show Ann my work thus far and ask if there is anything I should change about it.



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