Final stencil and book making

Thursday, I started work on my example for my FMP outcome. First, I choose a sheet of A1 card, painted my oval stencil onto it with 3 acrylic colours (black, purple (red and blue mixed together) and green), and spray painter two my newest stencils onto it.

Wanting to add more, I printed half of my circle stencil onto the edges of each side of my oval. I couldn’t think of anything to add, so I left it for today. Overall, yesterday was a mix bag. First, I thought I lost my room key (getting a new one cost £50!), and I  hurt my wrist. Pretty bad day really.

Fortunately, yesterday was better. First, I contemplated on what to do next, before leaving the classroom to look at 3 student accommodations. One of the reasons for this was because I feel that the kitchen in my flat is too small, so Fiona, Jonathan (head of IMG_2511 accommodations) showed me 3 potential rooms. Out of all of them, I liked the second, though having the kitchen be two stairs up is a bit of a turn off.

After the tour, I discussed it further with Fiona and the others, a decided to think about the move for a little while longer. I’m still thinking about it, and I might make a decision soon.

After that was done, I returned to the classroom and stared a new activity for the day: book making. As the session indicated, I learned how to make art books of all sizes. I was a great experience, though I had trouble with the sewing part of the session. I made 3 books (one small and two big ones).

During lunch, I bought a packet of ibuprofen for my wrist. So far, it seems to be working, though I tried to use my right wrist as little as possible.

After lunch had finished, I continued work on my stencil print. After thinking it over all day, I decided to paint my remaining stencils onto the surface. While I will still use my sprays for the larger prints, I will paint the smaller prints onto any empty spaces I see. Looking over my image during and afterwards, I realize that painting is more accurate and less likely to leave any smudges, unlike spray paint.

Tomorrow, I will make another example of my final outcome, using both my sprays and my paints.


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