Final stencil-preparation

Here is my action plan for my final stencil print:

Oval painting, with 3 layers of acrylic paint. Once paint has dried, print stencils onto the surface (eyes, mouth and patterns strewn all over the oval).

Today, I finished one example of my final print inside my sketchbook, and soon afterwards, I made another example, only slightly larger.

I spent all day painting my second example, using nearly all my acrylic paints and a few other around the classroom.

As I neared the end of the lesson, I made several new stencils, each one will be used for my final print. My last stencil of the day was an oval shaped one. Tomorrow, I plan on painting it with 3 layers of acrylics and begin my stencilling. If it doesn’t turn out as I hope, I will try again.



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