Kaiju stencils

Yesterday, I started work on my kaiju stencils. Kaiju is the Japanese word for “giant monster” and is most commonly used to describe Godzilla and all the monsters he fights. I planned to draw several stencils of these monsters, based off imagery I printed off the internet. The first kaiju print I did was based on of Mothra, though it didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped. I then got the idea to combine my moth stencil with a print a did the other day, and the results were an improvement over my single stencil. Unfortunately, my spray paint was acting up again, so I spent the rest of the day making new stencils. Each one was based on a different image that relates to Japan in some form or another: Hisoka from the anime, hunter x hunter, artwork by Japanese artist, known as Mr., image of video game villain, Ganon and an illustration from a leaflet for a Japanese art class in France. Tuesday was a good day, though with so many stencils on my hand, I don’t think I will be making any-more.

Today, I went to the art store to short out my spray paints. A member of staff gave me two new caps for my blue and green spray paints, and suggested that the reason the originals stopped working was because I may have done something to them, as no one else has had these problems before.

Once I got back, I used the stencils from yesterday and made 4 new stencil prints, each one showing varying degrees of success. After my meeting with Fiona, and getting something to eat, I made my last stencil of the day. Wanting to make a stencil that was similar to the art work of Murakami, Takashi, my next stencil would have layers of paint on top of each other, with a pastel background. The results were great, as each layer of spray paint blended with the other and the pastel made for a good textured background.

As I near closer to my deadline, I believe I am getting an idea of what my final stencil will look like. Let’s just say, I may need more spray paint.



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