Background stencils

Today, I continued my background stencil prints. Today’s backgrounds were chalk and pastel. Before I could continue my FMP work, I had to complete a mandatory survey for the university. Basically, they want my honest opinion on the university, the teachers, facilities and courses. I tried to do this last week, but I couldn’t leave this one page for some reason, so I just left it.

After finishing the survey and having a snack, I made my chalk backgrounds and printed my latest stencils, along with the painted background I did last week. Unfortunately, the valves of my remaining cans of spray paint became clogged, just like the last one. Luckily, my family came over yesterday, and brought me 3 new cans of spray paint and they are much better and easier to use.The latest stencils are by far the most visually striking and vibrant, and the chalk added a nice layer of texture.

After lunch, I thought about my next stencil while working on my pastel backgrounds. Since Takashi has been a primary influence on my work, I decided to make my next stencil similar to one of his pieces of art work. Re-using one of my previous stencils, I made my last print of the day, but the green can of spray paint became permanently clogged. This is very frustrating, and now I have to try to trade in both cans, if not all three, for new ones. Despite this setback, my last stencil was fantastic, and the pastel made it look even better.

Tomorrow, I hope to start work on my Godzilla stencils, though I will need more sheets of A1 card.



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